What an Hour with a London Escort Taught Me

I am not usually the kind of guy who does anything exciting. In fact, I am very much the opposite; I have always liked playing things safe, knowing what my next move will be, having some stability. That quality took me to the top of my field, building a career that has made me very wealthy. It led to a long marriage and three well adjusted children. There was never any reason for me to feel like rocking the boat.

One day, my life came crashing down. My wife came to me and told me that now that the children were all out of school and our youngest son was heading to college in the Spring, it was time for her to move on with her life.

escortNamely, without me. She wanted a divorce, and I was completely blind sided. Why? I had thought we were happy! Or, if not happy, at least content.

Her answer absolutely floored me: she said I was boring. The years of stability, of towing the line, of never shaking things up had taken their toll. She had met someone else, someone more exciting and spontaneous, who could finally introduce her to the heart pounding elements of life that I had never found important.

What does this have to do with me spending an hour with an escort? Everything. I was sitting in my empty home, my son away for the summer on a trip, my now soon-to-be-ex having moved out of the home. Slightly drunk, I was surfing the web when I came across the blog of a woman who claimed to be an escort (I still keep reading it thought @ http://www.escortbookmarks.net/articles/). She had photos of herself, and a number of posts that were written about what she did, and why: she found it exciting.

Maybe that word acted as a trigger, but I called her agency that night and I booked an hour for the very next evening.

I wish I could say that we spent an incredible hour having an adventure that I will never forget. Instead, I sat in her in-call room breaking down about what had happened, and the reasons my wife had left me. Which could have been a humiliating experience, had it been with anyone else. But this escort was kind, and understanding, and made me feel so comfortable. She told me that it was something easy to fix, if I wanted. That hour made me want to try and prove my wife wrong.

For six months, I saw this woman regularly. We went out or stayed in. She taught me to relax and try new things. I was a happier person, and I guess it showed because one day during the weekly meetings with my ex that we had to discuss the financial elements of the impending divorce, she told me she had noticed the change. I seemed so much more lighthearted, and interesting. A couple more meetings like that and we ended up back at a hotel, where things got wild like they had never been between us.

She broke things off with her new guy that night, and moved back in the next day. That was five years ago, and not only has our relationship gotten back on track, but it is better than it ever was. So is my life and outlook. I take more risks, try new things, and even enjoy the old things more. And it all started from a single hour with an escort, who I will always be grateful to for improving my life.