Victoria Palace Theatre

Welcome to this website dedicated to that famous London venue the Victoria Palace Theatre. We hope you are able to find everything you need on this site, which is why there are sections covering everything you might need to know on the topic. Whether you are simply wishing to read up on a famous West End venue or you are thinking of picking up theatre tickets to witness the fabulous Billy Elliot The Musical, which graces its stage, this website should be the best port of call to suit your needs.

victoriaSo welcome to the Victoria Palace Theatre!

This website has an informative listing of the history of the venue and you will soon learn, particularly if you have read up on the other theatres in town, that London has some truly historic venues. Some of them go back to the beginning of the 19the century, whilst others are more recent additions, but you will soon find that visiting the West End can be an even in of itself, even if you do not make it to see one of the shows! The Victoria Palace Theatre has welcomed some big names over the years, as well, so you can be certain of following in the footsteps of giants.

There is also information on the current show. For some venues, particularly those that specialize in plays, it can be difficult to pin down which show is playing there as they change so often. This is not the case with the Victoria Palace Theatre as the show that graces its stage is Billy Elliot The Musical, which has been playing here since 2005 when the show first opened. So it finding a new home in town would be big news as the venue would be saying goodbye to a show that has graced its stage for more than half a decade.

Beyond that you will also find directions and a seating plan. We understand that navigating the busy streets of London can be tricky business so hopefully you will have no trouble finding the venue amongst the hussle and bussle of our capital city. The seating plan should also give you an idea of the layout of the venue, which could be key if you are looking for a seat on that all important night at the theatre.