Traveling by taxi in London

If you are planning on a holiday trip to London, you can drive around the city using a taxi. You can ride going to one destination to another in stylish London cab service. Your London experience wouldn’t be complete if you haven?t ride the London black cab. Nowadays, the classic iconic London black cab is decorated in dazzling palette of colors that will surely captivate you. Black cabs can be hailed in streets or any cab stops designated from where you are. You can ask for directions to the nearest taxi stop or read signs as to where these cabs stop.

taxiThe moment you see the yellow light on, the cab is available for hire. You can simply hail it and enjoy a ride around London. You will be meeting and greeted with a smile by friendly cab drivers that will assist you to locating the place you want to visit in London. You don?t have to worry about long destinations since these black cabs are legally obliged to take passengers up to 12 miles or a one-hour trip. The minimum charge in riding a black cab is at £2.20. Every cab is licensed to carry 5 passengers around the city. If you are travelling in a group of five, you will be able to utilize the London black cab to where you are heading. You won?t even get charged for extra passengers and luggage when riding these vehicles.

From Heathrow Airport, you will be charged £2.40 when you take a black cab and £2 when you book a taxi service by phone. Numerous taxis accept payment via credit or debit cards but you must ask the driver first if it is acceptable. However, if you opt to pay by card, you will be charged an addition £1 or 12.5% which is much more expensive than by paying it with cash. You can also give extra tip to excellent drivers depending on how much you want to give.

When taking a taxi service in London, you must be aware that unbooked minicab service is illegal. You may be approached by taxi drivers offering their services but you must avoid these since you never know if they are legit and safe to ride on. Only black cabs can be hailed by passengers and can pick up on the streets. You will be able to find a lot of taxi services around London. The wisest thing to do is survey first for the best yet affordable taxi service offered in the city.