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As far as a STAGECOACH CUSTOMER SERVICE is concerned, it is evident that running any transport business requires providing excellent services to all passengers at all times. Stagecoach give service to very many passengers on its buses on daily basis and it is very obvious that every customer has diverse expectations.

selfhelpPassengers who use Stagecoach company buses and trains consider them to be the best means of public travelling. The main initiative is a session for meeting the manager where certain executives are available and willing to have a session with the passengers in the respective stations two times a month. This gives Customers a platform to discuss their concerns with the heads, they discuss issues concerning passenger information, the services and also the various schedules of time scheduled for the passenger to travel. Problems are looked into as soon as passengers submit their views to the discussion desk. They are then solved soonest time possible to enhance efficiency.

Stagecoach customer service ever looks for the feedback of customers on each of their services as far as transport is concerned. For instance, there is always a form of online programme where their website gives room to passengers to give views in the comment box on the service that they have been offered. The comments therefore are then viewed as part of the measures to be taken into consideration to improve the quality of service survey.

All Stagecoach customer care staff always put on badges barring their names in the trains well as on the buses they do the same at the respective stations to provide passengers the required services and encourage easier communication. Managers then collect comments received from the staff to look into issues and improve the experience of the customers.

It is factual that South West Trains, for instance, of late introduced a simple card with effect to help in the process of making it easier for passengers to get in touch with the customer service staff quickly. In it are the telephone numbers.

Stagecoach is aware of some passengers who have special needs for their journey. In that case, a centralized service for easier booking has been introduced for their assistance. It in the other hand offers easy form of booking for passengers who are returning, this is because the detail they used to book the train or bus while going, are the same details available for booking in the whole nation. Their main aim is to reach 90% rate of satisfaction with the service having been provided.

The important part of travelling by train is sitting; it works best for the comfort of passenger with special needs. Specially labelled seats are always marked on trains for passengers with disability. Seating cards are as well available for the passengers who are disabled or have medical complications, customers who have been registered to be having a sight problem; pregnant women, people who have attained over sixty five, as well as those who are travelling with a child who is under three years old.

For very many individuals who use bus and also rail networks, accessibility is the most important factor. To help in breaking down the barriers to railway traveling for those who are unfamiliar with travelling by trains, Stagecoach organizes days where they are allowed to try it and see whether they can really do travel by train. Customer service hence plays a key role for the well fare of passengers to ensure they get the best services ever. This hence play a major role in ensuring they stick to stage coach customer services as they travel every now and then.