The Best Places in London for Family Outings

At a glance!

London is the capital of Britain; it is the economic, political and cultural hub of Britain. A city whose history can be traced back to thousands of years, London is the home of four world heritage sites namely; the palace of Westminster, the Tower of London, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Maritime Greenwich.

outingLondon has numerous world-class attractions with a global reputation. It is a place of pleasurable experience ideal for the whole family. If you are planning to take your family out for great fun and enjoyment, London is your best bed, they will have a great time here.

Talking of accommodation, you alone guaranteed to have the best to suit your preferred taste. Ranging from 5-star hotels to the cheap backpacker’s hostel, this city gives you and your family the best. The city has a superb transport network which enables you and your family to access your preferred attractions faster and conveniently. In case you want to hire a cab for your family’s tour of London, there are a number at your disposal but if you want to move around faster and conveniently it is advisable to have the Addison Lee phone number. Addison Lee is a private car hire company reputed for unmatched customer service. Their minicabs can be found everywhere in London. Their well-furnished vehicles range from the 18-seat minicab to 53-seat coach. For convenient movement, the Addison Lee phone number is all you need. Now, which are the best places to visit with your family while in London?

The best places for family outings in London. While in London, your family can be treated to great fun and pleasure by visiting the following places:

The Natural history Museum 

While here, your family can have a chance to see the best collections of natural history specimens ranging from minerals, animal fossils, rocks and plants, all in eye-catching displays. It is a home to Britain’s amazing natural diversity. This is one of Britain’s top attractions visited by over three million visitors every year. It has fully furnished restaurants and cafes that serve hot and cold foods. It is also convenient for babies.

National Gallery

This attractive site welcomes the entire family to enjoy guided-tours. Here, your children can be treated to sweet Magic Carpet storytelling Sundays on top of other playful activities and crafty workshops.

Tate modern

At Tate modern, you are sure of real fun that comes with activities and ideas meant to take you down memory lane. There are lots of hands-on games, pleasurable and interactive multimedia experiences. You can also enjoy reading books that give you a lot of information on the rich world of art.

Tower of London

Arguably one of the world’s most spectacular and famous landmarks, this tower is also one of the most treasured buildings in the globe. Here you will have a guided-tour of the most famous places like the White Tower, The Royal Chapel of St Peter Ad Vincula and The Traitor’s Gate, all with wonderful eye-catching sights. You will also get a chance to hear stories of kings and queens, executions, prisoners and escapes. There are also lots of costumed events alongside exhibitions based on Britain’s national institutions.

Science museum

This is place of real entertainment for adults and children. It has wonderful exhibitions, films and events. This is a place where your family can get a glimpse of past, present and future technology all wrapped up in one building with galleries where children can be treated to endless fun learning science from experienced guides and dedicated Explainers.

Museum of London

This is the home of the world’s largest modern history museums and will help quench your family’s thirst for an interactive and informative gallery adventure. Your family will enjoy visiting this museum.

This list is by no means exhaustive; there are so many other attractive places to visit in London. Have your pick.