The Best Cities in UK for Internship

The challenge to get a job is getting tougher each day as more and more people are going to college to get a degree. This means that it will take more than just a degree to score a job. What one needs is something bigger, something that stands out of the many other people applying for the same job. Work experience. That is one thing that will prevent the CV from joining the slush pile. Not just any work experience, but one that speaks on its own. This will mean work experience far from home, and the best opinion would be to get an internship in order to become eligible and successful.

internshipOut of the many cities in the United Kingdom, some stand out when it comes to internships. The fact that it is a city that is recognized and highly acknowledged will make even the toughest of employers gasp in utter admiration. These are some of the cities:

1. London-
The great capital of the United Kingdom takes the top tier when it comes to providing internships. This is because most of the companies in UK have their headquarters in London. Its dynamic spirit in international trade and commerce attracts a large flow of companies, customers, and eventually interns and workers. A London based internship program provides not only access to an amazing city, but international work experience in one of the top class cities of the world.

2. Birmingham-
England’s second city, offers some of the most competitive job and internship programs. Ranging from summer jobs, Christmas or over any other holiday jobs, Birmingham specializes in administration or fundraising and marketing. The pay is also very attractive from a minimum of about £6.50 an hour.

3. Edinburgh-
This is one city bustling with student activity and life. The University of Edinburgh offers most of the internship programs in Edinburgh. It caters for its students’ welfare by providing training and a chance to practice their expertise at a small pay. This opportunity is also very lucrative as some of the best employers are present and searching amid the interns for potential employees.

4. Liverpool-
Some of the most renowned and established internships in Europe are found in Liverpool. They provide an excellent training opportunity and also a chance to experience Liverpool’s vibrant culture, network, nightlife and businesses. There are also numerous scientific and engineering internships.

5. Manchester-
The main recruiters being educational facilities, Manchester University offers internship programs that are meant to help its students gain experience and fast track their process of getting a job. Among other recruiters are some of the greatest companies in banking, finance and marketing.

If searching for internships poses any sort of problems feel free to contact customer service using the UPC phone number. This will offer help for any queries or technical issues that one experiences while applying for internships. Experience all that British life and culture has to offer in any of the cities above, and get ready to start the search for a job that fits the good CV.