Road Rules: 4 Things That Might Get You in Trouble in London

London is a well-developed place with the best traffic management ever. However you can find yourself in trouble if you aren’t well versed with the traffic rules in London. The basic thing to note when driving in London is that always drive on the left.

roadrulesThis means if you are a visitor there and used to driving on the right side you got to keep left always or else that the simplest mistake that can land you to traffic problems.

A petty mistake one can make in London roads is to miss a helmet and you are a motorcyclist. All passengers in the London should fasten their seat belts or else this will also land them to problems. A driving license is an important document in London. It expires after twelve months of service after which it should be renewed. If one is caught with an expired driving license then that’s a gate to lead you to problems.

The London congestion charge is a remuneration imposed on motor vehicles within the congestion charge zone and it is charged between 0700 hours and 1800 hours. This affects drivers who want to pass through central London. The charge to pay per day is £10 in order for you to pass through the “C” zone which stretches from Kensington to the city. Failing to pay this charge can lead to heavy penalties of between £60 and £187. So the best thing to do when as a motorist when you find yourself within this zone is to pay the charge. However at weekdays, public holidays and between Christmas day and New Year day the charges are not imposed.

Parking in London is rather a challenge because almost all parking areas are restricted and if not then they are paid zones so to get one you’ve to pay for it. The charge is between £0.8 and £4. However failure to comply and try to get away with that then there is a fine of £120 from the ever watching parking wardens. After paying the parking charge, be back to your car some minutes before the charge expires since soon after, it calls for another charge. Ascertain that your watch has been harmonised with theirs’.

Being a motorist in London also requires you to have knowledge of the road signs. Signs in London can be restrict in some hours of the morning and in the evening. For example low emission zones shows that no vehicles expected to by-pass that area. Being a motorist to evade charges you shouldn’t pass through there. Bus lanes on the roads indicate that you shouldn’t step on the white line for cameras are on you every second. Stepping on them calls for fine. After 8 you can pass through these bus lanes but I would advise to study the signs first. Speed limits while in London should be sensitized since they tell you the safest speed you can drive at though failure to observe these signs will also land you to fines. While driving it is a serious mistake not to stop on pedestrian crossing areas.