Pokernews: Tens of millions of dollars at the poker tables were played in Korea

Canadian Timothy Adams set a personal record for the prize, and Justin Bonomo strengthened the leadership in the list of the most successful players in the world. Over the weekend, another series of Trolon High Roller tournaments ended in Korea, which brought together the best poker players of the world. Many of them significantly replenished their bankrolls and advanced in the ranking of the most successful players in the world. However, American Justin Bonomo successfully defends the first place in this prestigious list. He was the winner of the first tournament of the No Limit Hold’em series, which was held with a short deck (6+). This format of the game no longer looks exotic, and after the Asian masters in it, players from the USA and Europe have already become skilled.

In the starting tournament of the series, 65 entries were made, and Bonomo became the best in a very experienced company. He received $ 586,000 for the victory and strengthened the leadership in the Hendonmob ranking. He now has $ 44.6 million in prizes won in his career in live tournaments. Fantastic result! Then two trophies were taken away from Korea by American Jason Kun. He also became the best in the tournament with a short deck, and besides this he won the Triton Refresh tournament. Only these two victories brought Kun more than $ 3.6 million in prize money! Well, the winner of the main event of the series with a buy-in of almost $ 250,000 was the Canadian Timothy Adams. In this battle, the world’s wealthiest poker players made 48 entrances, and six players were awarded. Among them there was no place for Asian athletes. In the final heads-up, Adams beat American Bryn Kenney and received $ 3.5 million in prize money. This was his biggest win in one tournament in his career. Also in the main event prize zone were Americans Dan Smith, David Peters, Isaac Haxton and Canadian Peter Yatten.

Kofert strategy

News around Pokerstrategy: the founder company of the largest poker school was a fiasco, and its head Dominic Kofert resigned. Etruvian is a business community founded by Dominic Kofert and his three business partners. One of the largest branches of this company is the poker school Pokerstrategy, although the latter was created several years before the appearance of the Etruvian brand. The beginning of August was marked by great changes in the management structure of the largest poker school Pokerstrategy. Her face and lead co-founder Dominic Kofert sold his 50 percent share of the company to its existing partners, which caused a lot of confusion and confusion among the Etruvian managers. According to an anonymous report of one of the company’s employees, who shared insider information with a journalist at, two factors caused these significant shocks: disagreements between key Etruvian employees, and the unprofitability of its new subsidiaries. “Dominic cannot work with Enrique,” ​​an insider told about differences between the founders of Etruvian, which arose after the sale of Pokerstrategy to the software giant and the owner of the iPoker network of Playtech. “Selling the soul” for $ 49.2 million, two of the four creators of Pokerstrategy, Dominic Kofert and Enrique Guzman, stopped understanding each other.

It is noteworthy that 50 percent share of the shares in Etruvian, owned by Kofert, went to Guzmán – he bought it in full. However, the split in the management of Pokerstrategy appeared even before the transfer of this representation to the ownership of Playtech. As you know, the slogan of the company Etruvian is the words “Make the world smarter.” Loyalty to this principle Kofert and the company tried to prove the creation of various schools. Among others, Etruvian has launched an online casino training school – CasinoCheck. The idea of ​​creating such a product proved to be an extremely unfortunate decision. Soon the company management itself realized this fact, therefore at some point the active advertising of CasinoCheck ceased, and all links to this project were removed from the official Etruvian website. The shameful stain on the reputation of the “school of life” was hidden under the rug. The next failure was the Tradimo shareholder school. After starting to offer a no-deposit bonus of € 100, the number of users of the site soared from several hundred to 70,000. But, as the insider said, this is the result of a “spin-up counter”.

“The stock trading training platform is a technically difficult discipline to master: an air lock for anyone who has no experience in economics. No amount of training videos will help a newbie to get comfortable in stock trading. After all, to earn on this even a little worth of money, you need a bankroll of thousands of dollars and, of course, more than two transactions per day offered by the site, ”explained the insider.

Thus, after the sale of Pokerstrategy to the Directorate of Etruvian, there was simply nothing to manage and the group of businessmen, whose pen belongs to one of the most recognizable brands of the poker industry, suffered a fiasco because of the unsuccessful management of their resources. “The Etruvian collapse is an illustrative lesson on how not to manage large companies,” said Sam Miranda, editor-in-chief of Right Casino Media. “The mistake was not only the creation of the Etruvian brand itself, but also the desire to base a large business on its foundation. After all, at the head of the whole company were the kids, the only achievement of which was a super-successful experiment in the field of poker analytics. ”

Poker news: 72-year-old immigrant from Ukraine won $ 300,000 in a major poker tournament

Pensioner and poker veteran ElikVodovoz selected the WSOP Circuit Main Event via satellite and beat more than 1,000 opponents. Poker is for all ages. This rule was recently confirmed by the 72-year-old emigrant from Ukraine, ElikVodovoz. On the big WSOP Circuit Hammond series, he managed to win the Main Event with a buy-in of $ 1,700. Elik was selected to this tournament through a satellite for $ 220 and managed to become the best in the competition of top poker players of the world. A total of 1,050 players took part in the Main Event, but none of them could prevent the movement’s veteran from achieving his goal. For the victory, except for the champion’s ring, Vodovoz received almost $ 300,000 in prize money. A good addition to retirement, isn’t it?

“I always liked just playing poker, enjoying the process,” said happy Elik after the victory. “My son, who also plays poker, always supported my passion. He said that I had chances to wipe out a victory in a major tournament in the future. Well, the future has already come! “

Water carrier, who worked as a dentist before retirement, used to get to the prizes in live tournaments, but until recently the biggest win in his poker career was $ 13,000. Now he has reached a higher level. Perhaps in the summer the pensioner will go to conquer Las Vegas at the WSOP World Series. There are many successful examples where experienced athletes traveled to the final table of the World Poker Championship. The most recent of them are the performance of the British John Hesp two years ago. Then the 64-year-old amateur from the small town of Bridlington ranked fourth in the Main Event and took home more than $ 2.5 million!

Three Europeans have won tournaments at the US Poker Open Championship in Las Vegas

And the owners of the championship – the Americans – won six trophies. Including the main event of the prestigious series, submitted to David Peters. The prestigious series of poker tournaments of the US Poker Open Championship has ended in Las Vegas. In the main event with a buy-in of $ 100,000, which completed the program of the series, 33 entries were made, and only Americans were in the top-5 prize. The best in this high roller competition was experienced poker player David Peters. For the victory, the American received $ 1.3 million, and the total number of prizes he won in live tournaments now exceeds $ 31.5 million. By the way, according to this indicator, it ranks fifth in the list of the most successful players in the world, according to the HendonMob rating version. Above Peters there were only Justin Bonomo ($ 44 million in prize money for his career), Daniel Negreanu ($ 39.8 million), Eric Seidel ($ 34.7) and Fyodor Holtz ($ 32.5 million).

In total, 10 tournaments were played at the US Open Poker Championship, and in four of them the victory was not won by the Americans. Two trophies were taken from Vegas by Briton Stephen Chidwick, who became the best in the tournament in Hold’em and Omaha. In addition, Stephen won prizes in two more championship tournaments and earned a total of almost $ 700,000. Interestingly, in the past year, Stephen was conquered by three tournaments at the US Poker Open. So this series develops for him very well. We also note the Bosnian AlmedinImsirovich, who emerged as the winner of the tournament for $ 25,000 and earned almost $ 450,000, and the German professional Kora Aldemir, who won the $ 50,000 buyroller tournament. This victory expanded the German bankroll to $ 738,000. Along with the main event champion Peters, Bryn Kenney, Lauren Roberts, Jordan Christos, Sean Winter and Nick Schulman, who won other tournaments of the series, stood up for the honor of the championship hosts.