Top 5 Things to Do for First Time Visitors in Budapest

Budapest is one of the former imperial capitals, which attracts many tourists not only because of its history, but also due to its many sightseeing places. The Hungarian capital has many beautiful areas to visit, but if you go to visit it on a budget, you'd better look mostly for ones that can be visited for free. Here are the most important 5 things to do in Budapest: 1. Visit Margarita … [Read more...]

Fastest service for lost car keys London

Mobile locksmiths can be found almost anywhere in the world. Not only do they perform the 24 -hour and emergency lock out service, locksmith, but various other tasks such as keyless entry system installation, access control, security consulting, and even CCTV setups. No matter where you are, locksmith comes to you and you. Locally or on-site key … [Read more...]

Top 10 Adventure Sports

It is quite interesting to leave the daily schedule of your life and try out something thrilling. While sport can rejuvenate your mind and body, there are some sport activities that can go beyond that. The adventure sports are encouraged in several parts of the world and people are not bothered to risk their lives in trying some of the thrilling adventure sports. Check out the list of such … [Read more...]

London Car Hire for Disabled People

Fortunately for people from London who want to hire a car for their disabled relatives, hundreds of companies are offering their services so that disabled people could be able to move independently by driving the car themselves. These vehicles come with lifts and ramps so that people with wheelchair could easily enter and exit the car. Then you are also flexible to call the congestion charging … [Read more...]

Best Museums To Visit In London

A lot of people like to visit the capital city of UK for all sorts of reasons, there are some who go there for wonderfully appointed London conference venues and most would go visit the place because of its ambiance and beautiful attractions. However, the biggest highlight would be the numerous fantastic museums the city has to offer.London is jam-packed with various museums around every corner … [Read more...]

3 Famous Transport Systems Used In London

London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Fortunately for most business travellers and tourists, it is relatively easy to navigate your way through this amazing and historic city. It has an extensive and impeccable transportation system, which is fairly easy to use as people tour the city and its surrounding areas. From the famous London tube to the red buses, visitors and … [Read more...]

Lyceum Theatre Seating Plan

This is a guide to the seating of the Lyceum Theatre. The best seats in the house are located in the stalls.  They comprise of seats 11 – 25 in rows H – J, and seats 12 – 26 in row K.  The second best seats include the majority of the stalls and dress circle.  In the former they extend from row B to row Y at various lengths.  In the latter they consist of rows A – H in the side blocks and rows … [Read more...]

Lyceum Theatre Directions

The Lyric Theatre is on Shaftesbury Avenue and those that are familiar with the capital will know that many other West End venues are found on this street as well, such as the Apollo Theatre, the Gielgud Theatre, the Queen’s Theatre, the Palace Theatre and the Shaftesbury Theatre, though others are found on nearby streets as well. This is in the centre of London, so there are numerous well … [Read more...]

Lyceum Theatre

Welcome to the home page of London’s Lyceum Theatre.  Located just off the Strand and set amongst the flashing lights of London’s show business capital - the famous West End - the Lyceum is part of a long established tradition of performing arts in the capital.  If you are looking to get a real experience of London, your trip should definitely include a night out at the theatre. However, London … [Read more...]

London- Commercial Epicenter

London is the commercial epicenter of England and the UK. It is the largest city in the country and is also one of the leading business and financial centres in the world. The city dates back to the Roman times and has been at the centre of many religious and political movements. It is the home of the British government (except Scottish parliament), the Prime minister lives at 10 Downing Street, … [Read more...]