Nights Out in London

Are you fed up going to the same places? Seeing the same pubs, same bars, same familiar faces? It’s about time you injected a bit of life into your night out by trying something different. London is a vibrant city with an estimated 8,308,369 residents, so it isn’t a surprise that there are plenty of activities to keep your weekends and weekdays eventful and fun. Below is a list of ideas for that great London night out!

nightComedy Store

London has an abundance of comedians for your viewing pleasure; they will make you laugh so hard you’ll spill your beer and you won’t care because you’re having so much fun! From Michael McIntyre and Jack Whitehall, to Holly Walsh and Jack Dee, London has an embarrassment of comedic riches. You will undoubtedly have a great night out at The 99 Club. The 99 Club has a friendly, fun environment and has earned an enviable reputation as one of the critics’ favourite clubs. Visit their website to see the upcoming shows.

Not Going Out

Why not stay in? It may not be the most conventional of ideas for an evening, but staying in has its merits. It could be said that staying in is the new going out! A party in your house is always a great idea. Invite your friends round and stock up on alcohol; a great advantage of drinking with friends at your home is the fact that you will avoid troublesome bar queues. You could even hire disco and DJ equipment to really get the party started. There are a range of disco equipment companies in the London area; such as London Disco Hire.

Okay, Maybe I’ll Go Out

If you have your heart set on the hustle and bustle of city life then there is an article that may well be of use to you. Time Out London has produced a piece on places to drink in London which can be found at From real ale pubs to wine bars, there will be something new and exciting for you to explore.


The most important aspect of a night out isn’t the company you choose, nor is it the bars you patronise, but it is the transport. Take the hassle out of the transportation for your big night out by pre ordering a party bus at Swift Travel Services. Their website can be found at, and they can provide their services throughout the London area. You don’t want to be trudging your way through the tube after a night out, getting lost and somehow finding yourself in Dartford when your house is located in Lambeth. Save yourself needless time and frustration by booking transport in advance.