New London Cracking Down on Prostitution – Arrests Made

New London, Connecticut, is cracking down on prostitution. The entire community is working together in this. For instance, Trinity Missionary Baptist Church’s reverend has put signs outside the doors of the church that indicate no loitering. This came after people were starting to hang around the building to drink and simply stoop.

nightHowever, more issues have surfaced as well. According to the reverend, some women had started to prostitute themselves in the area. The police are trying to increase the community’s overall quality of life, particularly in the Truman and Black hall streets.

One resident of the area, Joe Ortiz, has stated that she keeps seeing new people come into the neighborhood and she feels uncomfortable with this because she no longer understands what happens in her community. However, some people disagree with Ortiz and state they know exactly what is happening in the area.

One previous resident of Black hall Street, Melody O’Donnell, stated that men are clearly driving by looking for prostitutes. She said that, as a woman, she felt very uncomfortable because passers-by would presume she was selling herself as well.

This is something that has also been spotted by the acting police chief. He has noticed women trying to vie for his attention as he drives in an unmarked vehicle through New London. Indeed, this happens all day long. Since then, the police have gone through an undercover sting operation, during which five women were arrested for attempting to sell sex. It is a known fact that prostitution is often combined with drugs, and the police hope that the arrests will make a big difference in this as well. According to Peter Richard, the acting police chief, one of the houses near where the prostitutes are selling their wares is a known drug house.

The arrestees came from Gales Ferry, Plainfield, New London and East Lyme. However, the arrests were all made in the same neighborhood, where it is becoming increasingly common for male drivers to be flagged down. Police are continuing to pose as punters in the hopes of further cracking down on the problem.

Richard has explained that when a woman pulls over an undercover coo, although he has kept details sketchy. This is due to the fact that they do not want to put results of any further operations in jeopardy. Indeed, the police have confirmed that this is just the first phase of their operation, and that they will continue to work on eradicating prostitution and drug crimes from the area. Finally, Richard stated that those johns who seek out prostitutes can also be targeted by police officers. It is hoped that these efforts will soon remove the problem.

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