London’s Gardens—A Worldwide Inspiration

It’s a little known secret that when you walk down the streets of London, inmost gardens you will be met with an abundance of beautiful flowers – such as roses, geraniums, and purple columbine; plus ornate garden furniture.

gardenDough Oster is a journalist for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, who travelled to London with a group of 23 gardeners. He explored some of the capital’s most awe inspiring gardens for a lesson in what it means to combine different, yet beautiful, flowers to create astounding showpieces. This is what he found.

At The Tower of London’s old moat, you can find English daisies in their thousands, embedded in the thick deep-green grass and surrounded by rows of perfectly planted yellow dandelions – which in America would be considered an odd pairing. Hampton Court Palace,on the other hand,has a sprawling formal garden which will take your breath away. It has colourful flower beds and elaborate metal garden furniture, a central fountain and quaint little niches where you can relax. Hampton gardens are truly a gardening masterpiece.

The walls of Windsor Castle are lined with honeysuckle and even Corydalislutea can be found there. This is perfect for the UK weather, as it blooms all through spring and winter without requiring replanting. Oster also had the good fortune to visit Wisley Gardens, which he says captured his heart.  Wisley features a section of the garden which houses ‘plants for bugs’ as part of a study by the Royal Horticultural Society, which is attempting to understand how native plants (as well as non-native plants} attract insects. The plants in this section are both beautiful to look at and delightful to touch, with a range of varying textures and colours.

Wisley is also home to Howard’s field which is littered with charmingly weathered garden benches and stunning blue wildflowers.

Other gardens in London, which boast superb architecture and immensely fragrant flowers, include Kensington Garden. Here you can see row after row of a wide and beautiful variety of flowers, plus wooden garden furniture where you can sit and take in the spectacular scene. The Kew Gardens, Chelsea Physic Garden, and Geffrye Museum Gardens are also great places to visit and drink in the beauty of the surrounding flora, whilst you sit on a garden bench and bask in the sun.

If you’re an avid gardener, or perhaps interested in taking up gardening as a hobby, then why not add to the beautiful flowers in your garden with an equally appealing outdoor furniture set? Try websites such as Simply Garden Furniture and peruse their vast array of metal and wood garden furniture. You’re bound to find something that really grabs you and would complement your hard work or plans. Gardening in London is truly awe inspiring, their gardeners’ artists. How else can they combine flowers that others would find difficult because they bloom at different times of the year, or are difficult to maintain?

Visiting these gardens will inspire you, and give you a better insight into what can be achieved with the right motivation and will.

Author Bio: Emma Munton is an author and blogger from London. She often writes about outdoor entertainment and how Outdoor Furniture sets, garden benches, patio furniture & sun loungers can create the perfect environment.