Let your children have memorable times in London!

London is an amazing place for your children to visit or stay.Play being an important aspect of a kid’s life is reason to take your kids to Coram’s field.Located in central London, it’s a children’s park and playground.Here children get a stimulating and safe environment to play freely and have lots of fun.Adults can only be allowed in the park with a child but it is basically a kids zone.

londonAt the pet’s corner the kids will see different species of goats and sheep.There are staff employed to ensure the kids safety is guaranteed.The park is also near the Foundling Museum whose entry for kids is free.

If you want your kids to experience interaction with the wild animals,London zoo is the place to take them.Entrance is free for kids below three years and those above three pay an entrance fee.The kids get a chance to see different species of birds and also caged monkeys.Being around animals,kids tend to get zealous and as a control measure,’tag your tot’ wristbands are available for those accompanying the children to ensure you can control them not to wander away.It is a great experience for kids to see live animals rather than those in form of dolls or those drawn in pictures.

The London Aquarium is also a great hang out spot for kids to experience marine life.They will see thousands of marine creatures in themed settings,a collection of cownose rays which is the world’s biggest collection ,Gentoo penguins and they can also take a walk through the glass tunnel.Visiting especially in the afternoons,kids get a chance to see sharks being fed which is quite an attraction.However entry is free only for children under three years.The kids can also participate in public feeding of the marine creatures.

The Museum of Childhood is an ideal place for the kids.The entry is free for all the kids.They have a chance to play with toys and also on the beautiful rocking horses.There is also an indoor sandpit and those under three years have a designated play space.To ensure the safety of the kids there are staff at the entrance and exit to ensure children don’t escape.To cap it off,there is a cafe serving meals and snacks where you can also bond with your kids while enjoying a meal.

For total fun while having a view of London,have your kids get a ride on the London wheel which is the worlds tallest being 135 meters high.On this wheel they can see up to 40 kilometers away while in the capsules of the wheel.The capsules are enclosed for their safety when they are walking around.The glass walled capsules ensure they get a good view even when they are seated.

A good childhood is made up of sweet memories,take your children out and let them have fun worth remembering even in their old age!