How to Have Fun with Friends in London

While in London people have this perception that having fun would be costly. This is one of the best places on the world that you can hang out with friends, have fun and still have cash left in your pocket. One of the ways you could have fun is through some ice skating.

Happy business group demonstrating partnership

Happy business group demonstrating partnership

You could decide to visit the Queen’s Ice & Bowl place address 17 Queensway W2. They run throughout the day and night. But it would be advisable to cross check their time before visiting them. Both adults and children should feel free to have fun in this joint.

You can also visit the Renoir Cinema address Brunswick Shopping Centre in London WC1N 1AW. It’s a place which takes the rush of the city away and makes you relax. They provide the best movies so if you are a fan of movie then this is where you should go after that long working day. This place hosts two screens with large capacity coupled with a licensed bar. In other words you shouldn’t miss the place.

When in London you shouldn’t miss to watch the famous boat racing. This event is one among many that people never wish to miss while having fun in London. Statistics show that close to 300,000 people line up to spectate this event. It brings a cool atmosphere as spectators flood the banks of the river Thames to watch the renown our-and-a-quarter mile distance from Putney to Mort lake.

Friends can also watch marathon fun race across the streets of London. This event takes place every year bringing together fun runners to have their joy as they accomplish the twenty six marathon race. You can also take part in this race. Apart from exercising your body the marathon can open chances for you to participate in greater races and not forgetting that it creates the opportunity to make new friends.

The stagecoach is an adventure not to miss if you are really looking for fun. They are train like carts that are mostly pulled by horses. If you want to enjoy the stagecoach then the stagecoach phone number can be contacted to obtain further information. You can pay a visit and see the world’s tallest escalator in London. The escalator is found underground in the Angel building which houses the longest escalator of about 60 meters long and having a vertical distance of about 28 meters.

You can also hire a boat to pedal in the serpentine lake. The pedalling boat carries a maximum of about six people so this is very conducive with friends. The lake for boat pedalling is open from Easter to 31st October. The prices are pocket friendly as well.