For the 1988 may 5th London born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins commonly known as Adele when on the stage holding the microphone and performing, to share a record with Beyoncé a music star of being the only female artist to ever win the most Grammy awards during a single night event is truly a dream come true. The art and technology BRIT school graduate won a total of six (6) awards in the 2012 Grammy awards ceremony adding her name in the pop music history books

popThe musical journey is known mainly to the family to have started when she was three (3) years old. It is said that she really loved and enjoyed musical voices and this prompted her into performing mock performances and concerts for her mother. With a continuous inspiration from the destiny girls where Beyoncé was among the group members and Gabrielle, Adele gained more courage and started to perform for her penny friends and school mates. As she grew up listening to various artists and music, Adele became fond of the forties’ artist Etta James. Though she loved music from the destiny girls to songs from the cure, Etta’s word compositions and voice all combined and placed on a beat made Adele’s love for music grow; this also increased the burning passion and interest of being like Etta. From listening to music made and created in the forties, Adele realized that also for her to be a superstar, she had to also make songs that would be listened in the fifties.

After her grandfather realized the urge of Adele to pursue music, at the age of fourteen (14) she recorded a cover to the ‘heart of glass’ a song by the Blondie after he suggested to her to do so and she enrolled into the British Record Industry Trust (BRIT) after successfully being auditioned and graduated just after three days from the Alma mater of performing renown artists such as Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis. After a friend posted Adele’s demo on MySpace, Adele dreams begun to come true after an Xl record executive heard it and offered her a recording contract with the record label

Adele ground-breaking years started to get smooth when she was nineteen (19) years old and released her first studio album which was interestingly named ’19’ at the year 2008 and the album was later during the year 2009 nominated for four Grammy awards in which she won two of them. This opened her musical successful grounds and to ensure that she did not disappoint her fans, at the year 2011 she released the over eighteen (18) million copies sold album; the ’21’ album which became the 21st century most selling album. The album did not only set the most selling record but also the album was positioned first for over twenty one (21) weeks on the billboard chart hereby outdoing Whitney’s record

The iconic pop star though having a prominent famous music life, she is known to lead a humble private life a character that she has had and is replicated in her young music life when she was struggling to be a superstar that she is now.