Exploring the Charm of London

charmLondon is known to be a magnificent city on its own, talk of the food, good weather and the welcoming charm people represent.

The enthralling city has its own unique and leading edge of design and Art, take a look at the Architectural structures which are outstanding and eye catching, fashion expressing a splendid taste on fabric and design not forgetting its unique pop culture articulated through Music, Games and Literature.

The attraction sites in London are exceptional take a look at the Olympic park which has its foundation so resilient to hold thousands of societies, it extends over 247 acres of land, the trees are planted at the hedgerow as due to climate change.

There are ten hefty planted trees with 500kg balancing steadily at the crown, as a mark of the grand entrance they are all 18meters tall, three species were in place during the Olympics as the other seven planted as a sign of heritage.
Other enthralling and charming areas include the Big Ben well known as the clock tower, it has the largest clock hanging on its walls another enthralling architectural building it the famous tower of London, and no other old time building beats this!

It’s surrounded by contemporary buildings and it’s one of the world’s legacy spot one cannot miss to visit, not forgetting the London eye, it’s the giant eye of London in an observation wheel located in the Jubilee gardens and was built as part of London millennium celebration.
After visiting the prominent Architectural spots, Mother Nature needs to be appreciated too, people desires to have a quiet time, walking on sand and having breath taking fresh breeze from the ocean.

Lei on sea beach is located next to the city therefore making it more convenient for people to pay a visit, its tides are good for swimming, windsurfing and sailing another famous beach include the Tankerton beach its tides is good for swimming . The beach is perfect for a picnic get away, it has multicolored beach huts meeting the pebble beach.

London has never run short of its exiting and cutting edge cuisine and the top rated wines, the city has a variety of world class restaurants with different varieties: best in brasseries, Chinese restaurant, British, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, and Korean consequently visitors can never miss a variety of food to choose from.

The city allows stress-free and appropriate transportation of tourist from place to place, without any inconvenience; the visitors can move around easily without a US esta, this helps the traveller to visit many areas without problem.

The various attractions spots in London are worth visiting once if not twice in a lifetime, to depict the appreciation and love toward nature and the rare Architectural structures which are currently exceptional.

There is always something new to experience in London, from the entertainment venues, accommodation, sporting park, beautiful green space, iconic skylines, the famous shopping spots, theater and the top attraction sites.

Mark your calendars for the next upcoming events to be held in the cosmic and warm city, the happenings will include the Sikh new year celebration, music and circus festival at the London underground and the world greatest flower show to be held within the municipality and learn the array of countless other events to be held all through the year.