Experience amazing family festivals in London with National Rail

Reaching London from anywhere in the United Kingdom is now easy because the railway system now has as many as 22 independent train operators. Three major railway operators link the capital to the rest of the country. They are the East Coast Railway connecting the North East United Kingdom to London; Chiltern Railways that bring passengers from various tiny cities and Cross Country Railway that connect rest of the UK to London.

festivalsAs far as long distance fare is concerned, they can be divided into three categories namely, advanced, fully flexible and off peak fully flexible. Advanced trains are available round the clock and seven days a week, whereas off peak are a little expensive and don’t offer services during peak office hours from Monday to Friday. A full flex return ticket can cost you around £ 280 whereas an off peak flexible ticket can cost you around £ 85. Advanced ticket is the cheapest but doesn’t have much flexibility. You can get a ticket from Manchester to London in just £ 12. Seasonal tickets are meant for the passengers who travel on regular basis.

The best way to book a train ticket to London is through Red Spotted Hanky. They don’t charge any additional fee and offer great discounts. Another advantage of booking the ticket through Red Spotted Hanky is that they give you loyalty points. For every one pound spent, one penny is added to the credit and this credit can be used to book tickets in future.

After reaching London, you can’t afford to miss the wide array of festivals, many of which are even free to attend. Needless to say, festivals and other hot spots are one of the most exciting ways to feel the heart throb of any city. Most of the festivals are concentrated in the summer season but unique among all of them is Spitalfields Summer Music Festival. It offers a range of classical, folk and contemporary music performances in the east London venues and outdoors. It is a biannual event and which offers attractive workshops, interesting games, walks and debate as well.

Next, you have Clapham Common Foodies Festival. There can be no better place for you if you have a big appetite. With tasty dishes, celebrity chefs and cooking demonstrations; Foodies Festival offers you a peep into regional cuisine and culture. This three-day event can encourage even an amateur to become creative in the kitchen.

Now, let us talk about the biggest event of the year – City of London Festival. It offers as many as 100 outdoor events in some of the most iconic buildings of the city. The aim is to make people forget their worries for a day and drown in the world of entertainment. From films to music, visual arts to debate, walks to shopping; you just name it and you will find it in the City of London Festival. There is sure to be something for everyone.

Beside the above mentioned festivals, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and Scoop At More London Free Festivals also deserve mention. However, if you are planning to visit London during summer, don’t forget to book National Rail ticket well in advance. This will not only save you from unnecessary hassle but also provide you with healthy discounts.