Creative Ideas for Large Properties in London

Do you own a large property in the center of London? Not quite sure what to do with it? There are loads of options, it’s just difficult to come up with creative ideas when you’re surrounding by thousands of offices and shops and banks – it all tends to blend together. So how can you make your mark in a city famous for its uniformity? Firstly, it’s important to check the building over. By finding asbestos removal in London, as well as getting a builder in just to check the state of the building over, you’ve completed the first step in opening your space up to the public!

propertyGallery: Turn your space into a gallery! There are thousands of artists in London, whether amateur or professional, that are desperate for a place in which to exhibit their work. This could be the perfect opportunity for them – and you. By serving coffees and teas, as well as some low-budget snacks, you could charge a small price for admission to the gallery (enough to cover rent!) and turn it into a thriving, buzzing hub of creative activity.

Children’s soft play area: Do you remember visiting Jimmy G’s or Alphabet Zoo as a kid? Remember how exciting it was, with the giant ballpool and the foam monkey bars you could swing from? It seemed like a wonderland when we were kids. In reality, it was a warehouse with a few bits of portable furniture, some basic food and some soft play constructions for children to play on. With a bit of investment you could turn your empty space into a similar soft play area!

Cafe: For people running round a busy London city center, it’s important to be able to sit down and have a coffee. With a large space, you could install a kitchen area for making simple food and then you could still have lots of room left over for seating. Take inspiration from Bradford’s Salts Mill, a converted mill building that is an open plan gallery and cafe!

These are just some of the many options for you and your building space! So get decorating and enjoy turning an empty building into a thriving creative space!