Costs of Parking in London are off the Scale

Costs of parking in London are off the scale

parkingThe costs of parking in London are high compared to most cities around the world. The relatively smaller size of the London city area has caused the authorities to seek ways of limiting the use of personal cars for travel into the city. This has led to an increase in the costs charged for parking within the city. The method of payment is flexible. You can pay by using a credit or debit card, using cash mainly in the form of coins or via the phone. The costs for parking within London vary on whether you have used street parking, car parks run by the National Car Parks NCP, or a private car park. On street parking is pay and display, meaning that you once you have paid you need to display the ticket in your windscreen. On most streets, if you are parking after 18:30 you can park for free. The cost for on street parking is variable depending on the location and can be as high as £4. The maximum number of hours allowed is a maximum of either two or four depending on the location. Private car parks and parks run by the NCP have costs as high as £58 per day and as low as £2 again depending on the location.

When looking for information on parking sites there are websites that you can visit which provide this information. These websites will usually provide you with a map of the streets of London and the parking hours available on these streets. Due to the relatively small amount of space available for parking, there are car parking companies that operate their own private facilities to meet the need. There are also private citizens who rent out their parking space for use.

The costs of parking are increased by the levying of a congestion charge within the congestion charge zone CCZ in Central London. This is an area demarcated consisting of the City of London, which is the main financial district and the West End which is a commercial and entertainment hub within the Greater London Area. In order to ensure that drivers are aware of the congestion charge for driving into these areas there are road signs which have a capital C in the middle of red circle. Congestion charges are not a parking charge, they are charged for vehicles entering and driving within a set zone. Their effect on parking charges is indirect. This is because if you intend to drive or park within the demarcated zones, they automatically apply. They use automatic car number plate recognition to bill you.

These charges are currently set at £10 per day if paid by the end of day, £12 if paid by the end of the next day. You can also register with CC Autopay and get a reduced rate of £9. You can contact them through their Contact CCLondon details. Failure to pay results in a fine of £120; payment of the fine within 14 days gets you a 50% discount, while failure to pay after 28 days results in the fine increasing to £187.