Stonehenge and London – A Great Combination for a Short Break

With Stonehenge just under a two hour drive from central London it is easy to see why visitors stay in London and take a day trip out to see this ancient site. And it is testament to the fascination, that this 5000 year old pile of stones, invokes for visitors to the UK that,  in their thousands, tourist turn their back on London’s lights for a chance to spend an afternoon getting as close as … [Read more...]

The Best Places in London for Family Outings

At a glance! London is the capital of Britain; it is the economic, political and cultural hub of Britain. A city whose history can be traced back to thousands of years, London is the home of four world heritage sites namely; the palace of Westminster, the Tower of London, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Maritime Greenwich. London has numerous world-class attractions with a global reputation. … [Read more...]