Visit the beautiful London Cathedrals through trains

A great way to clear your mind is by site seeing. While in London, you will most definitely enjoy and learn a lot by visiting historical sites and cathedrals. The St. Paul's Cathedral which is dedicated to St. Paul is located at the highest point of London. It is a historical site and worship place. In addition, the interior is breath-taking and you are assured of an amazing experience there. For … [Read more...]

Best Exhibitions in the UK

There are many excellent visitor centres and museums in the UK, so whatever your tastes, there's bound to be an exhibition to suit you. Here we look at some of the best examples of permanent exhibits that you can find in the UK today. 1. The Natural History Museum, London The Natural History Museum is full of specimens and examples of anything to do with the natural world, and is a firm … [Read more...]

Three U.K. Road Trips and How to Plan for Them

If you are considering a low budget adventure, road trips can be a lovely little get away perfect for a change of scenery and a little down time. You can make a day of it or decide to stretch your trip into a weekend or full week holiday. Here are three road trips sure to appeal to your adventurous side. Thanks to the guys at Carmax for their help on this. Carmax specialise in providing Bad Credit … [Read more...]

Travel to the land of fashion U.K

Is it true that you are wanting to Travel to the land of fashion U.K? It has been one of the famous ends which have bounty to offer to all its guests indulging their diversions. The UK is an occurrence place. One recovering characteristic of the UK is accessibility of dependable Car Hire. The minute you touchdown the UK you are welcomed via Car Hire UK which offers you a solid, moderate and … [Read more...]

From the Big Screen to the West End Stage

The Capital is Full of Hollywood blockbuster movies turned hit Musicals at London's Box Office. The West End is full of shows that manage to dazzle and delight crowds on a regular basis and each year more and more open their doors. But many of these stories have a life before arriving in the capital and this is thanks to Hollywood, whose stories have been adapted to the stage again and … [Read more...]


Danny Zuko, Sandy Dumbrowski, Betty Rizzo and Doody. These are all characters that many people know and love from the hit show Grease. For a lot of fans, this is because of the hit 1978 movie that starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in the lead roles. For others, it is because of the stage musical, which was first performed inside a Broadway auditorium in 1972. It is a cultural landmark, … [Read more...]

Dreamboats to London

London is a city that is in a class of it’s own.  The world is large place and has many impressive towns, but in truth none of them are quite as breath-taking as the UK’s striking metropolis.  Multicultural and incredibly modern, London is the centrepiece of British culture: a city that looks forward to the future whilst embracing the flow of change.  Having such an enormous amount of different … [Read more...]

The Phantom of the Opera

Her Majesty’s Theatre is currently home to entertainment history.  This is the theatre that debuted Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in 1986.  The show is still running here to this day, continuing to gain critical acclaim and win audiences the world over. 'The Phantom of the Opera’ is one of the most important pieces of theatre in modern times, and if you haven’t … [Read more...]

Top 5 Famous Movie Theatres In London

London is a big city and it has a quite big number of movie theatres. Although all of them are known by the local people, only some of them are really famous. Our purpose now is to present you which ones’ are, in our opinion, the top 5 famous movie theatres in London. It is a kind of top 5, not the most classical one, because every one of these movie theatres is famous for another reason and … [Read more...]

Best art galleries in London

A cosmopolitan habitat for society and art, London is home to the absolute most influential and far reaching art galleries on the planet. Holidaymakers can tour shows ranging from advanced art and cutting edge to medieval and neo-classicist lives up to expectations, all found in this delightful and notable city. Plan cognizant explorers will be satisfied to discover that a large portion of the art … [Read more...]