Enjoy a winter special holiday in Britain

The New Year may have begun on a very chilly note and this is enough reason for a nice warm holiday in Britain. Touch down in the British capital for a special holiday after the celebrations of the New Year to bring a little bit of warmth back in life.  Many cheap and friendly hotels are still in business extending the celebrations. If you have still not seen the best of London, then check out … [Read more...]

Top 4 cities to visit in the UK (apart from London)

The Office of National Statistics, has named the UK cities most visited by international visitors. You'd expect London to be number one and Edinburgh, coming in at number two isn't much of a shock either. But some of the other destinations in the UK Top 4 list may surprise you. YORK While Yorkshire is awash with great little market towns, York is arguably the best of the bunch. This great … [Read more...]

London’s Gardens—A Worldwide Inspiration

It's a little known secret that when you walk down the streets of London, inmost gardens you will be met with an abundance of beautiful flowers - such as roses, geraniums, and purple columbine; plus ornate garden furniture. Dough Oster is a journalist for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, who travelled to London with a group of 23 gardeners. He explored some of the capital's most awe inspiring … [Read more...]

Most Classy Hotels in London for Business Travellers

Business travellers are usually picky in the type of hotels they get booked in. Where you choose to stay speaks a lot about your class and promotes the image of your company among your contemporaries. When visiting London for formal engagements, there is an array of classy hotels that can make your stay enjoyable. You can use travel agencies to arrange your accommodation, but you should always … [Read more...]

Best Places to Visit In London on Budget

Sunday or Monday London is the best way. There are many places in London which you need to see at least once in your lifetime. Plan a trip to London to have a look at them. Various travel agencies offer coolest holiday packages for your safe journey. All kinds of places such as historical, modern, and adventure places at this location would surely give a thrilling experience. Before you reach … [Read more...]

The Best Cities in UK for Internship

The challenge to get a job is getting tougher each day as more and more people are going to college to get a degree. This means that it will take more than just a degree to score a job. What one needs is something bigger, something that stands out of the many other people applying for the same job. Work experience. That is one thing that will prevent the CV from joining the slush pile. Not just … [Read more...]

Experience the life in London this holidays

 London Holidays London is one of the most beautiful places in the world; it is famous for its culture and heritage. It is considered as one of the famous tourist attraction and holiday spot for vacations and events. London is a position that people either really like or dislike, but there is no doubting that with its plenty of traditional and contemporary destinations, from the London Eye to … [Read more...]

London’s Top Ten Theatre Experiences

The top ten theatre productions inside London’s West End all provide the entertainment of a lifetime experiences. Whether or not you are familiar with the London theatre scene: you will enjoy all of the performances listed below, immensely. It is a sure bet. The top performances currently playing are listed for your convenience as well as the theatre where you may watch the respective … [Read more...]

Victoria Palace Theatre

Welcome to this website dedicated to that famous London venue the Victoria Palace Theatre. We hope you are able to find everything you need on this site, which is why there are sections covering everything you might need to know on the topic. Whether you are simply wishing to read up on a famous West End venue or you are thinking of picking up theatre tickets to witness the fabulous Billy Elliot … [Read more...]

A Musician’s Dream UK Road Trip

“If music be the food of love, play on”, and if like the Bard’s hero you have music running in your blood and veins and you have devoted your life towards being a professional musician UK has a cauldron of places that can be a sheer delight for every music maven. Just as described through the plethora of anecdotes and illustrations in the book “Never Mind the Bollards”, a journey through UK’s … [Read more...]