Best Way to Date in London

When it comes to dating in London, there is a variety of options. You can look for London singles on the online dating scene or even in the London personals. It’s important that you check everything, and make sure that your search is thorough. You can go the old fashion route and meet someone, but even naughty singles are out there and waiting for you on the London dating scene. So start meeting … [Read more...]

The Lion King

There has never been a better time to visit The Lyceum Theatre, for it is currently playing host to one of the most well loved musicals in the world.  Now appearing on The Lyceum Theatre stage is the greatest spectacle of them all: the timeless tale of Disney’s The Lion King.  This is a musical that fuses classic storytelling with beautifully memorable songs and a host of ingenious stage … [Read more...]

Nights Out in London

Are you fed up going to the same places? Seeing the same pubs, same bars, same familiar faces? It’s about time you injected a bit of life into your night out by trying something different. London is a vibrant city with an estimated 8,308,369 residents, so it isn’t a surprise that there are plenty of activities to keep your weekends and weekdays eventful and fun. Below is a list of ideas for that … [Read more...]

London IT companies serves effective enterprise level services

London is an immense region with a fair number of IT support multinational companies. Many companies lie at the very heart of the city and offer a wide range of IT support services. They even aim at meeting out the needs of the businesses of modern day and even provide 24x7 services. It also strives to provide enterprise level services and solutions so that the businesses can progress and expand … [Read more...]

New London Cracking Down on Prostitution – Arrests Made

New London, Connecticut, is cracking down on prostitution. The entire community is working together in this. For instance, Trinity Missionary Baptist Church’s reverend has put signs outside the doors of the church that indicate no loitering. This came after people were starting to hang around the building to drink and simply stoop. However, more issues have surfaced as well. According to the … [Read more...]

Contracting A Sexually Transmitted Disease Abroad

Holiday season is finally on the horizon and many of us will be looking forward to sun, sea and sand. Going on holiday is supposed to be memorable for the right reasons, but sadly, many people return home with much more than just happy memories. When you’re abroad and you’re on holiday, you may be more likely to drink too much, meet new people and engage in unprotected sex and this could put … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Planning Your Route to London

As far as a STAGECOACH CUSTOMER SERVICE is concerned, it is evident that running any transport business requires providing excellent services to all passengers at all times. Stagecoach give service to very many passengers on its buses on daily basis and it is very obvious that every customer has diverse expectations. Passengers who use Stagecoach company buses and trains consider them to be the … [Read more...]

Rice in Parsi Cuisine

The Parsis arrived in India from Persia (now called Iran) more than a thousand years ago, fleeing from their Muslim invaders. They are very passionate about their mainly non-vegetarian food, and their cuisine is a perfect marriage of Persian and Gujarati influences – Gujarat was where they initially settled on arrival to India. One of the main elements of Parsi cuisine is rice, which is usually … [Read more...]

What an Hour with a London Escort Taught Me

I am not usually the kind of guy who does anything exciting. In fact, I am very much the opposite; I have always liked playing things safe, knowing what my next move will be, having some stability. That quality took me to the top of my field, building a career that has made me very wealthy. It led to a long marriage and three well adjusted children. There was never any reason for me to feel like … [Read more...]

Public Transport Concessions for Students

Student life comes with a lot of perks. You have plenty of free time, are carefree and you get to make a lot of friends, most of which will stay with you forever. Nonetheless, you also receive a lot of discount and even freebies: books, concerts, food on campus, computers and many other things that help you with your studies or with your personal development. Since the graduate life may not be so … [Read more...]