Motorcycle Friendly Meeting Places In London

There are prevalent a few meeting places for bikers, and include our own particular remarks as well. It ought to incorporate mainstream meeting places and advantageous places for motorcyclists to stop and enjoy a pleasant reprieve. An espresso and bacon move for you is virtually as discriminating as the Fuel for your bike. Biking is more than basically riding. It has consolidated this page of … [Read more...]

Corporate events in London; The serious business of having fun

Corporate events are a tricky thing to pull off correctly, a lot of the problem lies with people’s expectations and people always expect events to be drab and boring. This needn’t be the case though and it is easily possible to create a corporate event that is exciting and enjoyable for all of those that attend and even those poor souls that are left to organise it. There are three main factors … [Read more...]

Plan an Event: London

The ability to plan events is a great skill to have as shows leadership, management, communication and organizational skills, a few amongst many other skills that you will practice and obtain from event planning. There is less to it than one might think, but time management is essential and provided you have lots of time to plan, everything should run smoothly which brings us on to our most … [Read more...]

Making your London pub a success

Many people are put off becoming a pub landlord by the figures of pub closures in Britain, but it is still possible to run a highly successful pub, and those that are willing to put in the effort are still being rewarded with a busy pub; especially in London. The key to running a pub in London is being able to adapt to a changing market. British people have changed their habits in the last decade … [Read more...]

Martin Stephenson

From the vast expanses of Arenas likes the MEN or the O2 to intimate club venues or famous theatres such as the Hammersmith Apollo and Edinburgh Playhouse, concerts come in all shapes and sizes. Gig tickets could get you into small venues where unknown bands are making their way to the top, or they could allow you to witness global stars perform famous numbers to huge crowds. Music tickets are … [Read more...]

5 Movie Theatres in London

Movie watching is one of the many leisure activities people take part in. It helps rejuvenate the mind, unwind, kill boredom and most of all is fun either alone or with friends and family. London has numerous movie theatres you can visit and have the time of your life. Listed here are five of the best movie theatres in London. 1. The Odeon movie theatres- They are located throughout London and … [Read more...]

Top Live Music Venues in London

As far as theatricals, musicals, and live music shows are concerned, London rules the list of top music cities in the world. Options include a vast array of folk music theatres, jazz and rock music theatres, casual live music venues, and upscale performance venues. These hundreds of choices of live music venues in London make its nightlife more lively and enjoyable. Whether you are here with your … [Read more...]

Best Museums To Visit In London

A lot of people like to visit the capital city of UK for all sorts of reasons, there are some who go there for wonderfully appointed London conference venues and most would go visit the place because of its ambiance and beautiful attractions. However, the biggest highlight would be the numerous fantastic museums the city has to offer.London is jam-packed with various museums around every corner … [Read more...]

10 Places your Children will Love in Europe

Rome: There are plenty of places to take one's children in Europe so that they can have a good time. One such place is Rome, Italy. Rome is held in high repute as a prime travel destination. Rome offers a plethora of places where one can be entertained alongside their children. For instance, the rich Rome history leaves the city with plenty of ruins and historical centres to visit. The parks … [Read more...]