Top 3 European Fashion Events

There’s truly no doubt that Europe is the land of fashion; this place simply has fashion events occurring week after week. However, the top three European fashion programs that you should not dare miss are: 1. London Fashion Week As its name implies, this event is organized in London City every year in the month of February. This fashion gathering gains the number one spot in this list … [Read more...]

5 Churches to visit in London

The city of London is a popular tourist destination and it attracts millions of local and international visitors annually. In fact, London is one of the most visited cities in Europe. This city has numerous tourist attractions and if you are a fist-time visitor, you could easily get overwhelmed. However, a visit to this great city would not be complete without visiting some of its magnificent … [Read more...]


I took a trip to London with school to see Wicked & The 39 Steps and this is sort of the crazy happenings that went on... If you enjoyed the video then make sure to give this video a THUMBS... … [Read more...]

The Fashion Event of the Season: London Fashion Week February 2014

February is officially the month that fashionistas most look forward to, as we get to enjoy the fabulous London Fashion Week 2014! From 14th February to the 18th February the kings and queens of the fashion world are all together in one place. London, usually overflowing with business men and women, is taken over by all of the fiercest models and designers in the fashion world. If you claim to … [Read more...]

Simba Rules Over London

London is a city renowned the world over as a wonderful place for a holiday: as far as your average city break holidays go, London offers something that is head and shoulders above the rest. With an international reputation for it's quality and diversity, London is the perfect destination for that special holiday you are planning. So if you are looking to go somewhere with a difference, then put … [Read more...]

From the North East to London: Billy’s Still Dancing!

London is one of the fantastic wonders of modern civilization.   A city crammed with as many ideas as there are citizens, the culture generated is one of the greatest in the world.  Each week seems to herald the arrival of something new and exciting that sets the critics alight with praise, and so the city’s citizens are never short of talking points and events in which to participate. It is an … [Read more...]

Oliver! in his Home Town!

London is a city like no other that you will ever encounter: full of striking cultural contrasts and a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere, this is a cosmopolitan city in an entirely different league of it’s own.  The capital of the United Kingdom is a city where all of your holiday dreams can come true: no matter what objectives you carry for your holiday break, there is quite literally no doubt that … [Read more...]


The Agatha Christie murder mystery play Mousetrap is currently running at St Martins Theatre on London’s West End where it has been successfully performed since March 1974. The cast of the performance is changed annually which creates a fresh performance each year. However, the Director, David Turner, has been the director for the performance for some years now. The play has been performed over … [Read more...]

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is one of the most influential plays of the twentieth century. The mix of poetry with high dramatic tension resulted in the play having a major impact on theatre. The play is a revised version of Samuel Beckett’s play and became hugely popular when it was first performed in the 1960s. However, the controversial nature of the play caused some criticism. The play, Waiting for … [Read more...]

War Horse

The New London Theatre on Drury Lane is currently the home to the Nick Stafford adaptation of War Horse. The play was adapted from the Michael Morpurgo novel and was first performed at the National Theatre on London’s South Bank in October 2007 and continued through until February 2008. The play was so successful that it returned to the stage in September 2008 at the National Theatre until March … [Read more...]