Exploring A Few Rare Gems Of London

As a pro traveler you perhaps are not alien to the idea of zipping past the most famous attractions in London- the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square- you have been charmed by all. But have you ever thought of digging your way through some of the unsung attractions of England’s capital? The city itself holds a wealth of treasures for its travelers in the form of these lesser charted … [Read more...]

Experience amazing family festivals in London with National Rail

Reaching London from anywhere in the United Kingdom is now easy because the railway system now has as many as 22 independent train operators. Three major railway operators link the capital to the rest of the country. They are the East Coast Railway connecting the North East United Kingdom to London; Chiltern Railways that bring passengers from various tiny cities and Cross Country Railway that … [Read more...]

How to Have Fun with Friends in London

While in London people have this perception that having fun would be costly. This is one of the best places on the world that you can hang out with friends, have fun and still have cash left in your pocket. One of the ways you could have fun is through some ice skating. You could decide to visit the Queen's Ice & Bowl place address 17 Queensway W2. They run throughout the day and night. … [Read more...]

Exploring the Charm of London

London is known to be a magnificent city on its own, talk of the food, good weather and the welcoming charm people represent. The enthralling city has its own unique and leading edge of design and Art, take a look at the Architectural structures which are outstanding and eye catching, fashion expressing a splendid taste on fabric and design not forgetting its unique pop culture articulated … [Read more...]


For the 1988 may 5th London born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins commonly known as Adele when on the stage holding the microphone and performing, to share a record with Beyoncé a music star of being the only female artist to ever win the most Grammy awards during a single night event is truly a dream come true. The art and technology BRIT school graduate won a total of six (6) awards in the 2012 Grammy … [Read more...]

Let your children have memorable times in London!

London is an amazing place for your children to visit or stay.Play being an important aspect of a kid's life is reason to take your kids to Coram's field.Located in central London, it's a children's park and playground.Here children get a stimulating and safe environment to play freely and have lots of fun.Adults can only be allowed in the park with a child but it is basically a kids zone. At … [Read more...]

Ticketbis, your way to access international events

Buying tickets in the primary market through the physical counter may not be feasible for everyone and all the time. In this context, you should want to explore alternate options. If you wish to purchase through the secondary market, it should be a reliable service. The tickets should be delivered to your doorsteps. If they are not delivered at your doorsteps or if they are not as per your … [Read more...]

Events Guide

If you planning an event or party then as well as coach hire you will find many other related services you can hire to make your event or party a success. If you are planning a party or event for over 100 people and you want the day to go absolutely as planned then I would always recommend contacting an events planning company. Planning an event leaves the hard work of organizing food, drinks … [Read more...]

Planning the Perfect Festive Event: Finding the Right Christmas Party Venue in London and More

It is getting to that time of year again when there is one thing on everybody’s lips… Christmas! You turn on the television and you are met with a wealth of festive adverts. You walk into your local store and there are Christmas chocolates and displays laced everywhere. The festive feeling has well and truly taken off in the UK. One thing a lot of people like to do when it comes to Christmas … [Read more...]

History of DubStep

The name “dubstep” was first coined to apply to bass-driven electronic music in 2002 in a town called Croydon (South London), England. The actual roots of dubstep are a bit tough to pinpoint because it is a merge of dozens of types of electronic music, and even after it began to achieve popularity it has continued to evolve and grow. Still, here we bring you this article to offer a general history … [Read more...]