Who is the greatest poker player in history at the moment? While after a similar question, each of the fans of the poker industry can offer their versions of the so-called favorites, the main answer to this question lies in the statistics. Not similarity with others, excessive activity on the poker series, the number of hits in ITM and the final tables, charm and charisma – all these factors fade into the background when talking about money. After all, is it possible to talk about real success when there is no corresponding performance in terms of earnings?

Our today’s heroes are real geniuses in the poker arena. What is worth one Daniel Negreanu, who was the first of all poker players to cross the Rubicon $ 30 million tournament winnings (we take only the official data from TheHendonMob). The statos of the best of the best he held for several years in a row, until the end of 2018, he was suddenly overtaken by Justin Bonomo, finishing first in Event # 78: The Big One for One Drop $ 1,000,000 NLHE. Now he is the first person in the history of poker who surpassed the $ 40 million mark (Negreanu still has less than $ 200K).

Behind “KidPoker” is the legendary Eric Seidel. One of the main achievements of the American for 2016 is the third place in the Super High Roller Bowl at the end of May (+ $ 2.4 million), which allowed him to bypass the performance of Antonio Esfandiari himself. Although, both of them are worth each other – whatever one may say, but their achievements are truly impressive. Antonio is followed by the same Big One for ONE DROP triumph for $ 1 million – Dan Coleman earned $ 3 million less. However, most of us are so familiar with the figures of the current top-10, so let’s just look at the full list, as well as consider the top ten in different live-categories.

Top 10 biggest winners in offline poker:

  • Justin Bonomo – $ 43,996 461;
  • Daniel Negreanu – $ 39,830,195;
  • Eric Seidel – $ 34,737,119;
  • Fedor Holz – $ 32,556,379;
  • David Peters – $ 30,005,463;
  • Daniel Colman – $ 28,925,059;
  • Antonio Esfandiari – $ 27,728,437;
  • Steve O’Dwyer — $ 26,820,595;
  • Bryn Kenney – $ 26,615,109;
  • Phil Ivey – $ 26,267,283.

Best poker players inoffline (female version)

No, this is not at all what some of you might have thought. No ratings a la the most beautiful and sexy poker players of the planet according to popular women’s magazines. In this section, we would like to summarize the successes of the beautiful half of humanity playing poker. It all started from the time of the Moneymaker poker boom – since then the number of girls in major poker tournaments has only increased. For example, the recent WSOP was visited by 5 522 women (there were about 102 thousand men), which is a very worthy indicator. Speaking of the monetary component, the state of today (end of July 2016) 29 poker players were able to earn six-figured amounts in poker. Now in the list of “Women’s All Time Money List” you can find both representatives of the old school and more young women. Well, the leader here, as always, is VannessaSelbst, who, to her happiness, did not lose almost $ 5 million to Urbanovich and Mercier. It is followed by Katie Liebert – in fact, for the time being, there are two representatives of the female poker community, whose winnings have exceeded $ 5,000,000. However, we are more confident that soon their number will be filled with new faces.

Top online players

Well, the cherry will be the most positive players online. In fact, it is almost impossible to determine which amounts were earned by tops at virtual tables of different poker rooms. The leader of the online rating was and remains Patrick Antonius – in the assets of the Finn $ 17 million profit at Full Tilt Poker. The second place now belongs to Daniel Cates, who after 2015 beat Phil Ivey – that year was really unsuccessful for “RaiseOnce” (minus $ 2.5 million on one PokerStars). Apparently this is the whole point in the list of the best online. It is unstable as a roller coaster and, unlike offline, where the total amount of official winnings is not reduced (except for buy-ins), the regular season for a regular can be issued as super-plus or super-minus.

7 most aggressive poker players

Aggressive means dangerous, ferocious, and reckless. A huge, fat boar, rushing at you in the middle of the forest thicket, is definitely aggressive but tries to disturb the young lioness cubs – you will know the true predatory essence mixed with animal aggression. Oddly enough, the word “aggression” perfectly stuck not only in the world of gambling, but also among gamers in general. And they always call aggressive the same players: they prefer to attack rather than defend themselves – sometimes to the point of stupidity and madness. Below are the greatest examples of exceptional maniacs, half-menaces, hyper-aggressive representatives of the poker fraternity, who have achieved notable success in their work.

Sam Farha

Sammy became famous ten years ago, when he became the second in the historical WSOP Main Event, giving away the title and huge prizes to Chris Moneymaker. That tournament is rather an exception – Farha prefers cash, and he doesn’t approve of Hold’em at all, preferring Pot-Limit to Omaha; in it he excelled like no other. I think Phil Ivey himself will not sit opposite Sammy when it comes to Omaha (seriously!). Farha especially does not shine, preferring the magnificence of the huge halls of the largest casinos and the privacy of VIP rooms. And this is very sad, because Sammy has a great personality and a gorgeous smile; besides, he has one interesting feature – he often plays with a cigarette in his mouth (for good luck), although he does not smoke.

What is especially good: the manner of dressing, a real gentleman, will destroy anyone in Omaha.

Weaknesses: Does not always show his A-game, often plays too loosely.

Lex “RaSZi” Velduis

He is a long-standing PokerStars representative. From the side it seems that Lex wins nothing anywhere, although he catches his eye quite often. This is not entirely true. Velduis is considered a cash player, and a very successful one, preferring to eliminate his rivals with pure aggression and extremely loose bluffs. He also visited many poker TV shows, for example, High Stakes Poker (Farha, by the way, too), where, however, he did not show everything he was capable of.

What is especially good: bluffs even the most experienced nit; They say only Lex can bluff and always show the nuts.

Weaknesses: Velduis lacks effectiveness in offline; besides, his style is not always effective.

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies

When they say “in Finland they give birth to some maniacs!” this is about Ilari. Not to say that this year the famous Finn shows something outstanding, although in the past months, under his PokerStars account (Ilari FIN), he did something similar to what Isildur1 is doing now at Full Tilt Poker. Sahamies is also known for his drunken antics: under the degree he sits in front of the monitor, loses hundreds of thousands of dollars ($ 700,000 in one session – how do you?), Curses, calls all those who fall, and then leaves to sleep.

What is especially good: Destroys everyone in Pot Limit Omaha! Especially when catch upstrik.

Tony G

He is a Lithuanian and Australian, he is a businessman, he is the thunderstorm of all nits, having the title of Honored “Captain of the Table”, great, but not at all terrible (and even dodyashka!) – Tony G. If Ji is in the game, then there will be a lot of verbiage (in every sense of the word). He especially dislikes Phil Hellmuth and Andrew Roble – the first, because that Phil Hellmuth, the second – because he is tight, like an elephant.

What is especially good: Able to destroy players verbally.

Weaknesses: Ji’s Achilles heel – his Zasko shepherd dog: having seen her, he immediately forgets about the game.

Vanessa Selbst

The best representation of the female in the poker industry (more than $ 7 million in offline tournaments) is probably one of the richest lesbians in the world – and certainly the most aggressive. Oh, how difficult Selbst is among thousands of men (she doesn’t hide it). That’s why she probably has to 4-bet with suited 5-2.

What is especially good: Give it a big stack, the rest will be done automatically.

Weaknesses: Put an attractive lady next to Vanessa – the effect is guaranteed!

Tom “durrrr” Dwan

Dwan, having died down a few years ago, has recently been “hanging on” more and more in Macau, and in every VIP game. It was Dwan who earned $ 5.4 million from FTP in 2008, but later he lost about the same amount to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Some will say: “I won back my play,” “his time is gone” – a mistake! Dwan has become smarter, plays where it is more profitable, and his hyper-aggression is constantly evolving.

Phil Ivey

In 2006, Ivey won over $ 16,000,000, playing at $ 25,000 / $ 50,000 and $ 50,000 / $ 100,000 rates against billionaire Andy Beal. In today’s realities (Ivey leaked more than $ 2 million on FTP in 2013), many don’t understand why Phil is called the best in the world.The fact is that Ivey is not only super-aggressive and super-creative, he is equally good in all types of poker, as well as in offline and online. Do not hesitate to the famous African American and craps, baccarat and other casino games.

Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan is a very dangerous opponent, and he continues to surprise his opponents. His style cannot be described in two words, and many opponents are afraid of Tom, because he forces him to play against him. Born Tom 07/30/1986 in the city of Edison. All his childhood, he tried to find a hobby that could “hook”. Tom tried almost everything, but even basketball and football, despite the progress he had made, did not bring him much pleasure. For the first time Tom got acquainted with the world of poker at home, with his family. He began to play poker regularly, and the beginning of his career could be called a day when, due to a snowstorm, he and his friends decided to stay at home and play online poker. Tom Dwan was famous for his skill, because by the age of 18 he had managed to earn 15 thousand dollars and go to university in Boston. However, starting to win large sums, Tom dropped out of school, and together with David Benefield they moved to Texas, giving up almost all his free time to poker.

His desire to win was justified, so by the end of 2007, Tom received a payment of more than 300 thousand dollars, and in 2008 he won 5 million! The following year brought Tom a huge loss, more than 4 million, but in the spring of 2010 he won 7 million, more than compensating for his losses. In the first half of 2009, Dwan outplayed Barry Greenstein, and set his record winning bank of $ 919 thousand. Later, in November of that year, Tom signs a contract with Full Tilt, and takes a place in the poker pro team.

Victor Blom

Victor Blom is probably the most mysterious character in the poker world. He intrigued all poker professionals back in 2009, playing high stakes in no-limit hold’em, constantly hiding his identities. It all started with a deposit of $ 100, which Victor increased to $ 300 thousand, for a relatively short period of time! But the most interesting is that then he was only 15 years old! Moreover, as Victor himself says, he learned poker right in the game, never read poker books and did not discuss his strategy with anyone. But then it was even more! For the period from January to September 2009, playing only online poker, Victor “pumped” his bankroll from 2 thousand to one and a half million dollars!

They talked about Victor everywhere, in the poker community, on the forums, but the only thing that was known about him was the nickname Isildur1. Someone from the poker community found the IP address of our hero, but all they could know was that the IP address went to Sweden. Further attempts to find out any information sought to zero. But in early 2010, it was already rumored that some Victor Bloom was hiding under Isildur1. The conversations were based on subtle hints of poker players, such as Tony G and Bari Greenstein, but Victor still did not reveal his secret, and in every way denied this theory. In the winter of December 7, 2010, online giant PokerStars officially announced that they had signed a contract with Isildur1. This news excited everyone, because for the first time in the history an unknown person joined Team Pro PokerStars.