Best Places to Visit In London on Budget

Sunday or Monday London is the best way. There are many places in London which you need to see at least once in your lifetime. Plan a trip to London to have a look at them. Various travel agencies offer coolest holiday packages for your safe journey. All kinds of places such as historical, modern, and adventure places at this location would surely give a thrilling experience. Before you reach there make sure that you visit these best places.

1.      Tate Modern

The most favorite place of many people across the world is Tate Modern, which is located at Bankside in London. It is a huge 7 storied Britain’s national museum of eye catching international contemporary arts from 1500 to till date. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott is the designer of this museum. Some of its features are:

  • It is expected to have 4,747,537 visitors approximately
  • Unlike other museums you can see still life, landscape, nude, history, object and other styles of art collections at this place.
  • Art works of various artists such as Cézanne, Matisse, Rothko, Dalí, Picasso,  Pollock, Bonnard, Bourgeois and Warhol are exhibited at this arts center.
  • britain2.      National History Museum

This museum is located at Exhibition road, South Kensington in London. It was started in 1881 and it has up to 70 million art collections related to mineralogy, zoology, botany, paleontology, entomology. It ranked 3rd among the international museums in the nation. Some of the interesting characteristics of this place are:

  • It was founded by Ulster Doctor Sir Hans Sloane
  • Dinosaurs, cocoon and mammal art galleries are its major attractions
  • It hosts several temporary exhibitions temporarily where you find all categories of arts and portraits

3.      Queen’s house

It is a historic site located at Greenwich in London and is regarded as the most significant construction in British architectural history. Its major fascinations are:

  • It was built in Palladian style
  • Tulip staircase, a loggia and a cubic great hall are its striking features.
  • Olympic games 2012 were conducted on the grounds around this house

4.      Abba Queen’s Gate Hotel

This charming hotel is located at Queen’s gate in London. It has 82 bedrooms with excellent facilities. To impress their visitors various styles of accommodations such as contemporary and ancient are followed. Most exciting aspects of this place are:

  • This is a luxurious hotel near to the Royal Albert hall
  • The food court at this place have wide range of traditional and modern foods
  • Various business meetings and parties can be organized at this place

 5.      Tower of London

It is a majestic royal palace situated on the north bank of the river Thames in London. People of ancient days used to make use of this place as menagerie, prison ,treasury and armoury. Few interesting facts about this place are:

  • It was constructed at the end of 1066
  • Priceless crown jewels were recently exhibited in this place
  • There are several buildings between two consecutive rings

All these are the places to visit in London on your budget.