10 Places your Children will Love in Europe


There are plenty of places to take one’s children in Europe so that they can have a good time. One such place is Rome, Italy. Rome is held in high repute as a prime travel destination. Rome offers a plethora of places where one can be entertained alongside their children. For instance, the rich Rome history leaves the city with plenty of ruins and historical centres to visit. The parks within Rome come to life especially during the weekends. This presents a beautiful scene for one’s children to play in.


The second place that is a must visit destination when one is traveling with kids is London, the capital city of England and The United Kingdom. Having hosted the Olympics in 2012, it is a very hospitable city with expansive parks as well as the rich history of the monarchs being displayed at various sites. The children will also enjoy the London Eye as well as other sites offering kids’ activities beside the parks.


The other place that comes to mind is Greece. The boat rides will no doubt fascinate the children and a chance to play next to the water ways that are properly protected to ward off any disaster. The parks and the kids’ restaurants give a chance to your kids to interact with their age-mates who visit these sites.


Paris is renowned for the Eiffel Tower. Children would like to play in the parks and take pictures under the Eiffel Tower which is something that has featured in many children movies. Other places that children can be entertained at include the beautiful fountains around town especially at the Centre Pompidou. As if this is not enough, you can take your kids to the Hall of Mirrors as well as Disneyland Paris which is arguably every kid’s dream destination.


Perhaps what should have been top on the list is Sicily, which brags of its clear waters at the beaches as well as the frequent puppet shows that will tickle your kids to the ground. The kids will also enjoy the castle sites which are quite picturesque.


If you are looking for a place with a fantasy park and or has jungle parks with a state of the art play centre for your children, then Moscow is the right choice for you. This capital city of Russia has attracted tourists from all walks of life.


Edinburgh is a city in Scotland. It offers glamorous touristic destinations for persons with children. On its resume, it has the Arthur’s Seat where kids can have fun walks and play. Additionally, the water slides at The Royal Commonwealth Pool is a good hangout joint for kids.


Barcelona rivals the above mentioned areas as it presents a very beautiful beach that will keep the children very busy building sand castles. The performances on the Catalonia streets will also engage the kids totally when they are not on the beach. The delicacies on offer are going to be really memorable.


The Belgium Capital city, Brussels is an area not to be forgotten. This is because it is the origin of various famous cartoon characters such as Batman and Tintin. Kids will therefore enjoy the Belgium Comic Strip Museum plus other complimentary places.


If you are seeking a place with a zoo in its package, restaurants are specially designed to serve families with kids as well as historical sites, then Berlin is the place for you. It has the fascinating Berlin Wall as well as the Berlin Zoo.