Enjoy a winter special holiday in Britain

The New Year may have begun on a very chilly note and this is enough reason for a nice warm holiday in Britain. Touch down in the British capital for a special holiday after the celebrations of the New Year to bring a little bit of warmth back in life.  Many cheap and friendly hotels are still in business extending the celebrations. If you have still not seen the best of London, then check out … [Read more...]

Exploring A Few Rare Gems Of London

As a pro traveler you perhaps are not alien to the idea of zipping past the most famous attractions in London- the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square- you have been charmed by all. But have you ever thought of digging your way through some of the unsung attractions of England’s capital? The city itself holds a wealth of treasures for its travelers in the form of these lesser charted … [Read more...]

Budget Hotels in Kensington for a low cost UK holiday

Enjoy traveling across Britain by staying in visitor-friendly accommodation. In fact, the country is full of low cost establishments and is ideal for planning a multi-city trip. Some small properties are so charming that they make you feel like you’re at a grand castle. Bed and breakfasts have become the latest trend for travelers who put up in small comfy places across Britain with affordable … [Read more...]

Best Way to Date in London

When it comes to dating in London, there is a variety of options. You can look for London singles on the online dating scene or even in the London personals. It’s important that you check everything, and make sure that your search is thorough. You can go the old fashion route and meet someone, but even naughty singles are out there and waiting for you on the London dating scene. So start meeting … [Read more...]

The Lion King

There has never been a better time to visit The Lyceum Theatre, for it is currently playing host to one of the most well loved musicals in the world.  Now appearing on The Lyceum Theatre stage is the greatest spectacle of them all: the timeless tale of Disney’s The Lion King.  This is a musical that fuses classic storytelling with beautifully memorable songs and a host of ingenious stage … [Read more...]

Top 4 cities to visit in the UK (apart from London)

The Office of National Statistics, has named the UK cities most visited by international visitors. You'd expect London to be number one and Edinburgh, coming in at number two isn't much of a shock either. But some of the other destinations in the UK Top 4 list may surprise you. YORK While Yorkshire is awash with great little market towns, York is arguably the best of the bunch. This great … [Read more...]

Experience amazing family festivals in London with National Rail

Reaching London from anywhere in the United Kingdom is now easy because the railway system now has as many as 22 independent train operators. Three major railway operators link the capital to the rest of the country. They are the East Coast Railway connecting the North East United Kingdom to London; Chiltern Railways that bring passengers from various tiny cities and Cross Country Railway that … [Read more...]

Quick Guide to Car Hire in London

London is Europe's capital that is centrally located in that broad European continent. The city of London serves as a hub for United Kingdom, the whole of Europe, and many other flight lines connecting to the wide rest of the world. Due to this crucial function of London, many flights start off and end up landing in London. In many London airports: City airport, Luton, Stansted, Heathrow and … [Read more...]

Tips For Trips To London: What To Do If You Fall ill

London is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, with millions of people visiting from all corners of the globe every year. London is awash with sights and attractions and there is plenty to keep you busy, whether you are an art, fashion, history or music enthusiast, a sports fan or an avid shopper. London is undoubtedly a great place to visit, but accidents can happen at any time … [Read more...]

Traveling by taxi in London

If you are planning on a holiday trip to London, you can drive around the city using a taxi. You can ride going to one destination to another in stylish London cab service. Your London experience wouldn't be complete if you haven?t ride the London black cab. Nowadays, the classic iconic London black cab is decorated in dazzling palette of colors that will surely captivate you. Black cabs can be … [Read more...]