Poker is one of the most popular card games. Many people unfamiliar with poker present a rather irregular picture of the essence of this game. Here are some misconceptions and stereotypes that are mistakenly assigned to poker: in poker, it all depends on luck, you can win this game only by chance. Poker is very similar to any other sports game: it hosts tournaments; there are strong and weak players, poker broadcasts are shown on TV, many players have fans and fans, and players get money for winning places in the tournament. There is an element of luck in the game, but it is just as much in other sports games. A famous poker proverb says: “One day in poker consists of 90% luck and 10% skill. One year in poker consists of 10% luck and 90% skill.” Online poker is a fraud, where only programs written by hackers win.

To program a successful “bot” for playing online poker is very difficult, almost impossible. The program cannot correctly estimate the size of the bets and cannot take into account the probability of a bluff. The usefulness of such a “bot” is almost zero.Such a program will not be able to beat a person. In addition, due to the excellent protection of poker rooms, the hacker will never get access to information about the cards of his opponents, so he cannot invest extra knowledge of his program and achieve any advantage.

There are a number of programs that are not prohibited and can help the player in making a decision. The main tasks of these programs are collecting statistics on opponents and counting some mathematical formulas. On our site we will teach you how to use ancillary programs, however, many professional players do without them, preferring to do all the mental arithmetic.The game through the Internet is very limited, you can become a professional poker only with a live game, where you can see the reaction of the players and “read” the cards of your opponents. The ability to bluff and read the opponent’s cards is important.In addition, these techniques can also be applied in the game on the Internet, for many other factors. All aspects of the game and the possibilities of online poker will be described in our future tutorial articles. A successful poker player must have a good understanding of mathematics.

All the basic calculations that you have to do at the poker table are quite simple. You never have to raise numbers or extract square roots. All you need to be able to do to calculate probabilities is to divide one number by another or multiply, and over time many calculations will already sit firmly in your memory. Much more important in poker is the psychological aspect of the game, rather than its mathematical part.

What is online poker, sport or gambling?

For some time now, poker has been recognized as a gamble, although until that time the situation was completely different. There is no clear answer to this question. In different parts of the world, the attitude to poker is different. In any case, it is clear that poker has all the qualities of a sports game and at the same time can bring a good income. How long does it take to study in order to start making poker at least $ 1,000 a month? If you give a few hours to learning poker every day, then it will take at least six months. It all depends on the desire and the amount of time you can spend. With a successful scenario, you can reach the announced level a couple of months faster. Nevertheless, we understand that, most likely, you are reading this textbook precisely because of the desire to make money, and half a year may seem like a long time, but no one promised that it would be easy, poker is a difficult path to easy money if you find time to learn and cope with your emotions at the poker table, you may well turn out to be a good player.

Blockchain technologies in online poker: a great step forward

Since the beginning of the new millennium, poker has become one of the most popular online games. Its online version continues to win the hearts and minds of people today, providing an increase in both the number of players and the money invested by them. Regular tournaments further increase the popularity of online poker. East and Southeast Asia have long been elevated to the rank of the main game in the world. The capital of Macau casino is thriving in the region – this city is quite seriously called Asian Las Vegas. Even South Korea does not argue with this, aspiring to the role of Mecca of world e-sports. Other countries also demonstrate a remarkable desire to be in trend. There is every reason to believe that a surge in online poker tournaments is expected in Brazil and India in the near future. The number of players is growing, so are the stakes. Today, online poker collectively contains about $ 2.5 billion, and the growth rate of investment gives every reason to believe that this figure will double in the coming years. However, no bright figures can hide the problems that many players leave online poker to do. The most serious threat is the difficulty with withdrawing funds. Almost all poker platforms work with payment systems that do not allow players to receive their money in full and immediately. Among the most common reasons for discontent users say:

  • the duration of the validation procedure – verification of the identity of the recipient of funds;
  • transaction incorrectness;
  • opacity of payment systems;
  • availability of commissions.

Unfriendly actions of partners of online poker platforms sometimes lead to the fact that users, who are not able to keep funds under control, leave the game. Another painful problem was the appearance of a huge number of bots. These are special poker software designed to increase the number of player accounts. Besides the fact that poker bots violate the fundamental rules of fair play adopted in poker, they prevent the emergence of new players and do not allow those who enter you to win a game with a small starting capital. No wonder that more and more users openly express their discontent. They are sure: if in the near future this state of affairs does not change, it is quite possible that there will soon be only bots at the gaming tables.Poker is more than just a game. This is an honest duel of intellect and psychology, and it is not worthwhile to spoil it with all sorts of base tricks.

However, recently there has been a turning point in the situation, and everything goes to the fact that the largest players will soon regain their lost positions. It turns out that blockchain technology, originally developed for Bitcoin, is capable of returning online poker to its former brilliance and sharpness. The solution lay on the surface – you just need to rebuild all the transactions on the basis of the notorious “block chain” on which all cryptocurrencies are based, and also choose one of them as a single payment tool on all online poker platforms. This will ensure the security of transactions, while making them transparent to users. Players will be able to solve the issue of depositing and withdrawing funds once and for all: the cryptocurrency is decentralized, all transactions are instantaneous, and there are no bans or restrictions on its acquisition and sale. Each user will be able to manage their funds – the whole range of cryptocurrency options will be available to him:

  • it can be bought and sold for real money;
  • it will become the universal equivalent for transactions between players;
  • it can be exchanged for special tokens, as it is practiced with the game currency, which was created specifically for the online platform.

The developers claim that the use of cryptocurrency in poker not only turns it into an exquisite pleasure, but also promotes investment in the cryptocurrency market.In addition, the blockchain is guaranteed to remove all poker bots from online platforms and in general will make impossible any tricks that spoil the game. Based on this technology, special algorithms are capable of:

  • calculate the speed of repetitive actions and mouse movements, and at the first suspicion signal the system to block the bot account;
  • determine the possible collusion of players at the same table;
  • indicate to the players the possible presence of the bot and using various methods (such as Captcha or automatic calls) to inform the support service.

The introduction of blockchain technology in online poker for money will help him to gain former glory, again make it fair, transparent and beloved by millions of games. Player needs all that in an updated poker wallet for storing cryptocurrency. He will be open to all poker tournaments in which he can not only play, but also earn. The world is changing. There are new priorities. In such circumstances, a game that becomes an investment is a great idea. So make it a reality!

Distribution of cards and rounds of bidding

After the first cards are dealt, the players go clockwise in order of placement at the table. As a rule, each player can choose one of the following actions:

  1. Check – a player can make a check (skip a move) only if there were no bets in the current round of betting. The check passes the turn to the next player in a clockwise direction, taking part in the draw. If all players check, the round is considered complete.
  2. Bet (bet) – the player can make a bet (bet) if no one of the opponents did bet in the current round.
  3. Fold (pass) – the player, who made the fold, folds his cards and after that can no longer wins the current hand or continues to participate in it.
  4. Call (equalize) – the player can call (equalize, answer, support the bet) if in the current round of bidding other players have already made bets. To do this, he must deposit in the bank an amount equal to the highest of the opponents’ rates.
  5. Raise (raise) – a player can raise (raise, raise) if in the current bidding round other players have already made a bet / rates. To do this, he or she must bet more than the biggest bet made before him or her.

In each round of betting, bets continue until all players either equalize the bets made or fold (if there were no bets, the round can be completed if all the players check). After the end of the bidding round, either the next card is dealt and the next bidding round begins, or the distribution ends. At the end of each round of bidding, players may be dealt additional closed or open cards, which may change the strength of their best combination, made up of cards available to them.


After everyone has called the last bet or raise in the final round of bidding, an autopsy takes place. The players remaining in the hand must show their cards, after which the pot (or banks) is won by the player (or players) with the strongest combination of cards.Often, players do not show their cards at the same time, but in turn. One bank can be divided between several players, and the principle of the division of the bank is determined by the rules of the game and the ratio of the power of combinations of opponents.

Poker: play online for free

If you are a poker lover, then, of course, highly appreciate virtual clubs, choosing worthy rivals. Browser game is good, first of all, because you play in real time not with a soulless computer, but with real people. A virtual gaming club with poker rooms opens its secrets immediately, without forcing a long time to search for the necessary information. After you log into the server, you will see five columns with information.